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Affordable Home Ownership Program
Note: We will no longer be selling vacant NTN trailers.  This is due to the frequent operation and maintenance repair issues they have - and we don't want to burden nation members with this issues and costs.

Through this home ownership program, you are able to purchase any of the units listed below for $1, and undertake renovations yourself.  Each home has an estimate for repairs provided.  Renovation work must be approved by Housing prior to the repairs being started.  Please complete and read through all the documentation provided below.


Step 1: Look at the list of homes available.

Step 2: Arrange for a walk-through with Housing staff

Step 3: Read Ownership Application Guidelines

Step 4:   Complete home ownership application form

Step 5: Complete Release of Liability Form

Step 6: Submit all documents to Housing Reception.


Relevant documents for download:

List of available homes

Home Ownership Application Form

Home Ownership Application Guidelines

Home Ownership Program Overview

Custom Lot Agreement Form

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