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During the spring and summer of 2022, Siksika Housing undertook a comprehensive home inspection program of over 250 elder's homes.  A request for proposal was issued in October 2022 to hire a consultant to review all the home inspections, prioritize them, and provide housing with a workplan for repair and maintenance.  We expect repairs for elder's homes to begin in spring 2022.

What is timeline?

Spring Summer 2022 Home Inspections Completed

Winter 2022/2023 Hire consultant, create home inspection work program.

Spring 2023 Begin repair program.

Inspection reports are only issued to the leaseholder



FNDF Basement Replacement

What is it:  Some basements are in need of replacement and/or repair.

Timeline:  Phase 3 and 4 are currently being scoped and organized.  Those who have homes in need of basement repair will be contacted by Housing.

Construction Site


Housing Strategy

Housing demand for on-reserve housing has increased significantly over the past 3 years.  More housing is needed, but how much and where will it get built?  We need a housing strategy.  Over the next few months, we will be create a new housing strategy to help access new funding and resources to build more on-reserve housing.  ​  Updates will be provided on our blog, so be sure to signup and get future updates.


Home Maintenance Program

To qualify for on-reserve housing, you must complete the basic home maintenance program.  ​

What is it

The basic home maintenance program is a comprehensive class which teaches you how to maintain your home.  Teachings include how to change furnace filters, ensure the heating, plumbing, and septic systems are running well, caulking windows, and more.

When is the next session?

We expect the next home maintenance program to begin in Winter 2022/23.  Please signup by clicking the button below.

House Frames


Propra Property Management Software

What is it?

Propra is working with Siksika Nation to provide a repair and maintenance tracking tool to complete your housing repair requests.

Why do we need it

We often hear that repair work takes a long time, scheduled visits get missed, and invoicing takes a long time.  Propra will track all our housing repair requests, and provide you with step-by-step progress updates over email, including the scheduling of repair requests.

How does it work?

Lease holders who have an email on file will be automatically signed-up.  If you want to signup, please contact housing at and request to be added to Propra.  


Can I still call-in my repair requests?


Yes, you can call in repair requests to 403 734 5200.  We will ask for an email so you can be updated on the progress of our requests.





Digital rental payments

Rental Program and Other Rental Program related costs can be sent to

Housing rental payments and other Housing Program costs can be sent to

In the notes sectoin please include:

Type of payment

Your full name

Unit number

Band number

When payments are received, a receipt will be mailed to you.

Questions can be asked by calling 403 734 5200

Payment via Mobile Phone
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