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Here are some common questions we receive, and some explanations about what we are doing about them.

Why are there so many vacant and boarded up homes?  What are you doing about it?

One of the most common questions Housing receives is why there are so many boarded up homes.  Many of these homes were abandoned, almost all require significant repairs to make them habitable.  We are working on a plan to repair and offer these homes for allocation in 2023.

Can I renovate my home myself?

Yes, provided that you get approval from Housing.  We require the following information:

  1. Quote for materials and labour

  2. Contractor(s) being used

Send a request including these documents to 

Why am I waiting so long for a home?

The housing application wait-list is approaching 500 applications, with the biggest increases in applications being in the last 5 years. Many on the wait-list have been on for years. We believe the rising cost of living in cities is driving demand for on-reserve affordable housing. 


This is why we have started to work on a new housing strategy for Siksika, which will help us with future funding applications and capacity-building.  We need more skilled-labour to build the much needed homes, and funding to build and maintain them.  

How come someone got a home before me when I've been waiting a long time?

We sometimes receive emergency requests for housing.  These requests include sudden homelessness, domestic violence, health crises, or other issues.  Housing assesses each situation independently and works with family and health services to explore all options.  Sometimes, we allocate a home due to these emergencies to respond to the crisis at-hand.

This is why we are helping to support the construction of a women's shelter on the Nation, which will provide much needed resources for mother's and children who are in need of housing and services.

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