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New Homeownership Program


February 7 2024

Round 2 of the Lottery is ready for sign-up.  To go through the pre-approval process, fill out this form. before Friday February 16 2024.

October 18 2023

The lottery took place at 1pm on October 18 2023.  The video

October 11 2023

We had over 70 applications to pre-qualify for the homeownership program.  We have 10 approved applications in total. Those who were successful have been notified by email for the next steps.  Thanks to everyone who submitted.  We will hold another round in 2024, and will make an announcement in future.

Siksika Housing has expanded the home ownership program to include vacant boarded homes.  In most cases, vacant boarded homes are salvageable and need repairs and renovations to bring them back to life.  Siksika Nation members who are eligible to finance a mortgage have an opportunity to buy a vacant boarded home for 1 dollar, and mortgage the amount of a renovation.  On average, renovations are estimated to be $91,000, which is a very affordable mortgage payment that is much lower than rents off-reserve.

How does this program work?

This program is for Siksika Nation members only.  Siksika Nation members must be eligible to finance a mortgage to renovate and repair the vacant boarded homes.  Check out the 7 step guide below.


What is the deadline to apply?

Submit to pre-qualify before September 30 2023.  To submit an application to pre-qualify, click here.

What happens after I apply?

Nelson Breaker will contact you with further information.  You will need to pre-qualify for a mortgage to finance the renovation.  Then, you will have an opportunity to select the home(s) you would like to enter the lottery for.


When will the lottery take place?

The lottery will take place in October, date to be announced.  After the lottery, additional paperwork will need to be completed, with instruction from Nelson.

Vacant boarded homes will be drawn to eligible nation members through a lottery.  To begin the process, please enter signup to pre-qualify!

before and after-01.jpg
steps to renovating-01.jpg

Disclaimer:  Renovation costs are estimates only provided by Siksika Housing.  Approved nation members for this program should complete their own cost estimates prior to securing financing.  A 25 percent contingency will be added to financing to cover any unforeseen expenses during the home renovation.  Not all Applicants to this program can be accommodated due to the limited number of homes available.

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