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Updated Housing Policy Approved - Open House May 9

Oki Siksika,

We are excited to share some important news for the Siksika Nation! Our leadership has officially approved a comprehensive update to our housing policy. This updated policy aims to address the housing needs of our community in new ways, with a focus on:

Public Open House

Housing Staff will be hosting a public open house in early May. This is a come-and-go session, and a brief presentation will be made at 2:30pm. Details are as follows:

Location: SRDL

Date: Thursday May 9

Time: 1-4PM (Presentation at 2:30PM)

The policy has been meticulously developed to ensure fair and transparent housing allocation, enhance the living conditions of the Siksika’i’koan, and maintain the accountability and fiscal responsibility of our housing programs.

Key Highlights:

•              The policy sets clear eligibility criteria for applicants, aiming for equitable distribution of housing.

•              It outlines tenant responsibilities, ensuring the upkeep and respect for our housing assets.

•              The document details procedures for repairs, renovations, and maintenance, ensuring the longevity and quality of our housing stock.

•              It addresses the transfer, removal, and termination of housing agreements, safeguarding the rights and responsibilities of all parties involved.


This policy is a significant step toward fulfilling our commitment to providing better living conditions for the Siksika’i’koan while moving towards greater self-determination. It represents our dedication to safeguarding Siksika lands and occupancy for the benefit of our people and future generations.

To read the updated housing policy, you can download it below.

New Siksika Housing Policy February 2024
Download PDF • 832KB


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