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Furnace Filters - Are yours in need of replacement?

Furnace filters are an important part of your annual home maintenance plan. They are inexpensive, and can prolong the life of your furnace. When furnace filters are dirty, they reduce airflow and can cause your furnace to stop operating. Here are some tips from ATCO on this topic:


· Have your furnace and other natural gas appliances (such as your hot water heater, natural gas stove, etc.) checked regularly by a qualified technician, according to the manufacturer's specifications.

· Check your filter monthly. For a disposable filter, be sure to replace it when it's dirty. You may also have a permanent filter that requires regular cleaning.

· Check your furnace flame monthly. You should see a clear blue flame. Call a qualified technician if you see a yellow flame.

· Never plug or cover vents designed to supply air to your gas appliances.

· Keep the area around your furnace free of clutter.

· Keep your furnace's panels and grills in place.

· Do only the maintenance you are comfortable with. For anything else, call a qualified technician.

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