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Nookoowayi - Final Presentations

On Friday April 21st, students from the U of C Masters of Architecture program presented their ideas and models for housing at Blackfoot Crossing. This work was completed over the winter school term from January to April, involving hundreds of hours of hard work. This was truly a great collaboration where Nation members Bren Little Light and Eldon Weasel Child provided mentoring and guidance to help the students throughout their design process. The results generated several unique designs for housing.

Siksika Housing will have the physical models on display in our reception area in May.

Many thanks to the wonderful students and professior Mauricio Soto Rubio for walking with us. We look forward to future collaborations to assist is with providing housing at Siksika Nation!

Thanks to:

Jo-Lynn Yen

Liam McNairn

Sukhneer Sidhu

Steven Kunz

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